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Friday, April 4, 2008

Training and pictures...

More technical difficulties with the video camera but we did make some great progress tonight. First are some pictures of both Gus and Freckle.

Both are adorable and they wrestle all day. Freckle holds her own quite well.

Next is a video of Jenna working on sit with Freckle. It actually works better when I run the clicker and she gives the treats but Jenna really wanted to click tonight... We haven't added the cue to sit for Freckle yet. She still starts out really excited when we try to sit on the floor with her and the treats. At first I clicked when she moved her feet off my lap and onto the floor. It took four clicks until the light bulb went off and she remembered that sitting is what gets the most treats. She has an easier time with self control when I'm standing and the treats aren't in her nose. Jenna doesn't have the timing quite right but here's an idea...

A few minutes later and she has it down really well. She sits with really nice eye contact for a good four seconds. We only worked on this for about five minutes. We could see that the little girl was getting full so we quit before she lost interest.
I'll try to post a better video tomorrow.

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Kari said...

Can't believe you only have a few left!! Are you going to be sad or ready to start over again? Kinda the same thing we go through with our own babies, huh?!