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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I can't believe I'm putting a video of myself but I can't resist. Little MissQuito is doing great with her training. When she first arrived at our house she really hadn't been training at all and it showed. She was just kind of running all over the place with out showing any interest in the people around her. Some of that is normal for a beagle in a house full of new scents. I grabbed the clicker and clicked and treated a handful of times and she was ready to get started. This is why I love the clicker. It's quick and easy to use and has great long term results. I waited until I could catch her sitting and then clicked and treated. She caught on right away and she now is very attentive and shows a great deal of self-control in her ability to sit still and pay attention. She is just starting to have the cue added for "sit, "down" and "under". This video is working on targeting and sits.

Molly has been getting some good work on "go to your mat" while I've been working with the puppy. I found it is the best and really only way to keep her out of the way. I realize now that I have made a lot of mistakes with Molly. I could have trained much faster and with quicker results if I knew then what I know now. Any way--we are ready to get back to work! This video is if targeting and 'go under' which is just for fun!

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